Hi There!

Hope everyone is doing well as things start to lighten up in this country.  It's been a long year of missing friends and family due to Covid.

Our monthly luncheon get togethers were temporarily put on hold due to poor attendance for good reason.  We were all trying to stay safe.  Now we are considering restarting them but need your input before we go forward.  The next date would be the 12th of June depending on the feedback from this simple survey.

Survey link is in purple bar, the last item.

Please do us a favor and respond to this quick questionairre in the next week.

Thank you all,


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1)   * Do you have any interest in having the luncheons continue?

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2)   * Would you attend the luncheons?

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3)   If you answered yes to the above questions, how frequently should the luncheons be scheduled?