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06/20/13 10:11 PM #2    

Josephine Ardito (Meisenger)

Hi Mona,  Ronald Bahr was our class valedictorian.  Don't know where he went to college.  We'll have to ask him at the reunion.  See you there!!!

06/21/13 02:50 AM #3    


Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

Ah...names from the past!   Thanks....I wondered who it was! 


06/21/13 04:26 PM #4    


Rosemarie Nicholas (Turnbull)

  1. Monroe School....Do you recall?  I'm the second row from the bottom and second from the left. Jeanette is to my right and Annette Levi is to my left.  Do you recognize everyone in this photo???
  2. Many of you attended Schurz High School since we were in that district.

06/21/13 08:16 PM #5    

Glenn Gardner

Will look for an e-mail for Chuck Malsbury, but he (and Annette) are at:

Charles Malsbury

18 Maxse Street
St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador , A1C 2S7, Canada Charles Malsbury is located in St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
Telephone 709-754-2846





06/22/13 02:26 AM #6    


Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

Wow, that picture that was posted, looks like mine from a totally different school.   That Photographer got around!!! 


Sorry I can't help with identifying is tough enough looking at my own pictures now!!!  Where did that dark hair go?    Everybody looks blonde! :) 




06/24/13 03:43 PM #7    


Rosemarie Nicholas (Turnbull)

Mona, I think all of our elementary class pictures look alike.  I think that photographer got around for sure!!  I posted it because nearly all of us in that photo went to Schurz.  It may jarr some memories!

06/24/13 09:23 PM #8    


Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

I appreciate that grade school picture.  Even pictures of kids our here in Calif look the same!  Guess I'll have to go through my year book and see what I can find too! 


I did find the script from the skit that John Coyne and I did at the Senior Luncheon.   Shall I post it here, or do you want hard copies of it at the reunion?   Mind you....remember we were seniors and not script it isn't the greatest....but we did mention names about what happened in the future....and at least one of them came true!  


Too bad John has passed on....I was going to ask him to do the skt again....but alas...that wasn't to be!   I remember spray painting my hair gray...and putting glasses on....HUH! it is contact lenses and anything one can do to hide White hair!  Maybe I can spray paint it to the color it was in high school....if I could remember!


See ya soon!







06/29/13 03:32 PM #9    


Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

Do you remember:  Circa 1963

Presented at the Senior Luncheon by John Coyne and Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

Man: That was the best dinner we’ve had in weeks.  I don’t know where you keep getting these ideas for dinner.

Woman: I get them from the newspapers!

Man:(Opening Newspaper)  Well, I wonder what’s new in the world today.  Ya know, ever since they elected a woman President, what’s her name….Pat….Myers….OH, didn’t she graduate with us?

Woman: Gee, that name sounds a bit familiar.  Let’s look it up in the yearbook.  I always keep it handy just for moments like this.

MMMMM YYYYYY EEEE Myers…Yes, here she is.  Oh my, doesn’t she look nice?

Man:  Let me look at that a moment….(Bends over and complains of rheumatism) (Woman runs over and whallops him on the back)  Mother please, I’d rather do it myself!!!

Ah,….….that was the year we did so well in sports too.  Remember we won the baseball championship?

Woman: And that is the year we took public league football championship.   What was the name of that school….oh ya, Lane…6-0!

Man: And here is a picture of the homecoming.  Oh look!  Here’s a picture of Elaine Corbitt and her court.  My…isn’t she pretty?

Woman:  Yes, she does look nice doesn’t she?  Well let’s see who else is in here.  Oh my look at the hairdo’s!  Aren’t they wild?

Man: And remember when they wore their skirts up past their knees?

Woman: And here’s something about a poster party!  Something about twisting.  Pa…Do you remember what twisting was?

Man: Oh ya.  Don’t you remember? (Stand up and twist) You move your arms one way and your knees the other! (Sits down and complains about pains)   That was my favorite dance.  Don’t you remember, at the poster parties, I was the best twister in the whole class.

Woman:  Yes dear, I remember!

Man:  Too bad they didn’t keep that dance going.  These kids today don’t know what they are missing!

Woman: Oh and here are the rest of the class officers.   There’s Paul Larson:  Remember how popular he was, especially with the girls?

Man: And there’s Dave Hilgenberg.  He was the guy who was always chasing after the girls.

Woman: And here’s Art Haidieke.  He followed right in Dave’s footsteps!

Man:  Remember the crazy things we did, like slave day? And the co-ed girls locker room?

Woman: Yes, and the victory parties and poster parties, and that beautiful rendition of my favorite song,  MOON RIVER!

Man: I wonder what happened to the kids that graduated with us.

Woman: Last I heard, Tom Smith was head coach at the University of Southern Calif.  And Elaine Corbitt was the head cheerleading coach there too!

Man:  And Ron Bahr won the Nobel Peace Prize for developing that new rocket that takes only two hours to go from Mars to Venus!

Woman: And Rich Wackerlin was just appointed Head Justice of the Supreme Court

Man: Ya, who did he run against….Sam Papernak…that’s right!

Woman:  Gee….our small class really has made it’s mark in the world. (Closing Book)

Man: Well with all these pleasant memories, I imagine we’ll both sleep well tonight!


Moooon River….plays in background….and off stage!



Ok...I just had to send this out.   Check the names on the Classmate Profiles....and please....those of you mentioned in the article....let us know how close we were to getting this right!   Still no woman President!!! All these years later...hummmmmmmm.


Remember...this was two 17 18 year olds, writing for a skit at the Senior Luncheon....not Hollywood Quality here....just kids!

Would love to hear comments.  I found this in one of my bear with me....Md


07/15/13 07:07 PM #10    

Arthur Haedike

Better late than never.  I'm registered and looking forward to seeing Y'all at the 50th Reunion. Much thanks to the Committee for all the effort.


07/17/13 06:50 PM #11    


Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

Chuckle for the day!!!   Enjoy! 


Mona Dawn (Vreuls)  Edwards



08/01/13 01:09 AM #12    

Beverly (B J ) Davis (Reardon)

I really enjoy working on the Reunion!

Only have one single 'complaint'!!

I seem to be working with a lot of 'really old' people!!!!

I guess I should have it figured out before the Reunion, but something tells me it should be obvious.....


Jack Kielczynski

08/01/13 02:35 AM #13    


Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

Really old people?   Humph...speak for yourself.   We are matured...and experienced.  Just because our hair color has worn out....and the innerds have slipped a bit....and we can't necessarily walk as far as we used to....well...that's why God invented luxury automobiles....and walkers!   cheeky

Looking forward to seeing everybody.  Now is there an elevator at Schurz?  I mean how many floors do we have to go up to see our old classrooms?   Maybe if I start a bit ahead of time....I can make it to the top! angry


One thing that still works for most of us....our mouths....and that is all that is necessary!   We can talk a whole bunch about memories!   And make some new friends....that is the fun part! wink


See you in a few weeks!



08/20/13 06:26 AM #14    

Lynn Dryer (Hieatt)

Mchael Walters and Jim Finerty


Does anyone know anything about Michael Walters and Jim Finerty? They were two of our memorable classmates, who may have graduated from summer school and have not registered on the reunion website.

If anybody knows where they are, please let me know.


Many thanks,


Lynn Dryer Hieatt

08/21/13 04:33 PM #15    

Judith Halteman

i am trying to find katheryn box... we had lunch together for many years it seems... she lived in logan square and

was a quiet, shy redhead... i attended her wedding years ago but dont know what her married name is or which

grade school she went to... i remember that she lived on school street.... anybody have any information?

08/22/13 11:53 AM #16    

Diane Doe

Lynn Drier,


I have seen Jim Finnerty on t.v.  He was hosting a show about travel (I think).  That was years ago.  I believe I remember him leaving Chicago the year before graduation.  That's all I know.


Diane Doe

08/26/13 08:32 PM #17    

Christine Kaufman

Lynn and Diane, I saw Jim Finerty's travel show too.  I think it was on for two years on CBS on Sunday afternoons.  He co-hosted with a woman I don't remember.  He did a good job.  We ought to Google him.  He's had a broadcasting career, as one would expect.

Michael Walters was a junior when we graduated, I think.

See you soon!


08/26/13 09:21 PM #18    


Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

I think I rembmer it too...something about America's Heartland....out of the Sacramento area.   He would visit farms and report on them.  I loved that show!  


See you soon....I leave Wed AM....and get in at 5 PM....then I think it is dinner with my brother. looking forward to this.


Mona Dawn

09/01/13 06:54 AM #19    


Lauren Bartoshuk (Broskow)

It's over, our 50th Reunion has now come and gone, but will live in the memories of all who attended.  A wonderful time was had by everyone I spoke with and so many have rekindled frienships that have been lost for what was thought as forever.  Thank you for being the wonderful group of people that you are and for helping make the event a success! .  

09/01/13 08:10 AM #20    

Carol Ries (Moffett)


The reunion was a TREMENDOUS SUCCESS

I for one, want to thank everyone I met on the team for their generous contribution of time, effort and talents. It has been a work in progress that came to fruition because of BJ's industrious focused energy and leadership.  I'd like to thank especially the major "players" (we all know who they are) for their unique abilities in technology, organization and generosity.  I am especially pleased to have had the opportunity to renew acquaintances of fellow classmates that I barely really only knew by name so many years ago.  Looking forward to our Saturday gatherings.


See ya,  Carey

09/01/13 08:51 PM #21    

Judith Halteman

It was wonderful!  the best part was having a teacher walk in,,, everyone i talked to had a great time... even the

non students... what a great response.... looking forward to the saturday luncheons. thanks to all who coordinated

all the details!

09/02/13 10:13 AM #22    

Janet Rees (Carlson)

What an awesome week-end!! It could not have turned out any better. After months of planning and tons of work by some awesome people, the event came off without a hitch! So many positive comments from classmates; everyone seemed to love, love, love the event. What an amazing opportunity we had to reconnect with "old" friends and classmates. Wow!  I am still reeling....I can't say enough.

I laughed so hard and so long this week-end my jaws hurt! My feet hurt from standing so much, but it was hardly noticed since I was having so much fun!!!!!

All the stories and the revelations from years ago. 

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this event a success; so many people contributed their time and efforts and I so enjoyed working with all of you. BJ went above and beyond; everyone used their special talent in their own unique ways and it worked!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a totally awesome time!!! Let's do it again next year - HA!! 

Looking forward to our get togethers at Rose Garden.


09/18/13 02:37 AM #23    


Mona Dawn Vreuls (Edwards)

We just returned from our trip.   We thoroughly enjoyed the reunion, and thanks to all for taking the time to come and be a part of the event...and especially to the people who worked on the committee!   Bravo!    And now...what is left is this website and all the memories.    Thank goodness for that.   It seems so long ago already!   


Thanks to all the old friends who immediatly made me feel like a part of the group after all these years!   You know who you are....and let's keep wrting on facebook and email.   Since I moved to California right after graduation, I have not kept up with anyone for 50 years.   There are no friend like High School friends.   You weathered the growth process we all went through.   The loves of our lives....the faultering...the growing....and the planning for the future!   And thanks to all those who took pictures!   My camera died right before the  wasn't able to snap any candid shots!  

We went on to the East Coast....driving to see relatives and friends along the way.   Ended up in Washinton DC...and extended out trip a few more days!   What a fantastic opportunity!  I would not have done this had we not gone back for the reunion! 


Thanks to everybody! 


So....when is the next one?

10/09/13 06:37 PM #24    

Beverly (B J ) Davis (Reardon)

Next MINI REUNION is Saturday November 9th at NOON at the Rose Garden Restaurant in Elk Grove Village IL

Accessible to highways and airport . . . actually, Trains, Planes and Automobiles !  L O L

This Reunion Lunch will take place the 2nd Saturday of EACH month at Noon.

More information will follow via an Email Blast with directions and hotel info.


03/06/19 11:08 AM #25    

Patricia Hays (Litwin)

I do remember those days & Monroe.  Life as moved on Bill & I have been together 55 years. We have to wonderful children(adults).  How are thing going for you? 

03/07/19 12:09 PM #26    


Sharon K. Connell

It's been a long time, Pat. So glad you had such a wonderful marriage. Not all of us were that fortunate, but I'm in a good one now. Thanks for responding. 

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